Invitation for new design !

Invitation for new design !

Application Requirements

Theme : Wooden furniture

Works entered must be newly created and previously unpublished. “Unpublished” means that the work has never appeared on the market as a product, has never appeared in a public media source such as a homepage, newspaper, magazine or exhibition, and has never been a winner in other competitions before the organizer announces the results of the main selection process.
*Please refrain from entering this competition and other competitions at the same time.

Works are considered “wooden” when their major component parts are made of wood. We are accepting furniture designs of all types working materials.


Any individual, group or business will qualify.

Number of entries

No limit is set on the number of entries from any one applicant.

Registration fee

¥6,000 / for each entry

Application period

From Saturday, June 1st until Thursday, October 31st, 2019 midnight Japan time

Copyrights, patents and industrial properties

Copyrights, patents, industrial properties and all other related rights for the entered works are reserved by the applicants.

As for the works entered in the main selection, all rights to the displays, the use in official catalogues, and publicity for IFDA 2020 and other related exhibits are reserved by the organizer.

The organizer also has priority in negotiating with the applicant when commercializing any works entered in the main selection.

Official languages

The official languages to be used during the competition are English and Japanese.

【Application method】

On the Internet
You can apply for the competition at the end of this page.

*The maximum number of color photos per entry is 6.
The target format is JPG (The maximum file size accepted is 1.5MB for each file.)

*Photos of the actual work or the prototype or computer-rendered pictures (any of these pictures mixed are acceptable) of the work will be considered.

*The applicant is prohibited from using any letters or signs which indicate the identity of the applicant on the front side of photos

【How to pay the registration fee】

We accept the following credit cards: American Express, Diners Club, JCB, MasterCard and Visa or Paypal. Please note the following:

*You can only use your own card for your payment.

*The fee is non-refundable.

*You will be informed of the registration of your application after we receive both your application and registration fee.

Apply Now !!

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